Truck Safety Cages Protect Personnel — Fall Safety Enhanced with Sam Carbis and Carbis Australia Truck Safety Cages


Protect your operator while giving them enough room to perform their job with a well designed truck fall protection cage.

Operators at your facility will be able to perform their duties faster and with greater efficiency and safety when they are given the chance to use Truck Safety Cages from Sam Carbis and Carbis Australia. These Truck Enclosures provide maximum safety while providing workers with the room they need to access truck hatches with confidence. With our Truck Safety Cages, there is no need for tie-off systems – the Truck Enclosures surround the operator, but provide enough space for freedom of movement. And the Truck Safety Cages let drivers access the tops of their vehicles easily when they need to open and close hatches.

Feel confident you’re protecting your staff with truck safety cages.

The major benefit associated with Truck Safety Cages involves Fall Safety for operators. However, workplace safety translates into numerous other benefits as well, including higher revenues through improvements in productivity and greater efficiency in job performance by eliminating unnecessary stops. Truck Safety Cages will:

  • Permit operators to access truck hatches safely and quickly
  • Eliminate the need for time-consuming harness systems
  • Enhance revenues by maximizing efficiency and throughput

So in addition to ensuring that your workers are provided with the ultimate in Fall Safety by using Truck Safety Cages from Sam Carbis and Carbis Australia, you can reap the rewards of more efficient job performance as well.

Truck Fall Prevention Equipment – Track Mounted Gangway
The Sam Carbis and Carbis Australia Fall Protection System works well and is actually used for access onto trucks that are not unloading at this station. Drivers go there voluntarily to open ventilation and then drive from there to their unloading spot rather than attempting to climb their own access ladders. A good reference for a safety system is if it is used even without people being pushed, as all people tend to like shortcuts

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Global Food and Beverage Producer Implements new Custom Fall Protection System from Carbis
Operators at a global food and beverage production firm were relying on harnesses to protect them from falls while using a worn-out access structure. The company was concerned about being in compliance with safety regulations as well, since the facility is in operation 24 hours per day, seven days per week. After a review of several vendors, the production firm select Sam Carbis Solutions Group, LLC, the leading fall prevention specialist in the world, to design custom bulk loading solution that provides safe, up-to-date equipment to access incoming tanker trucks.

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Safe Sampling Rack for International Orange Product Provider
A major global provider of orange juice and orange byproducts faced considerable challenges when it had to sample product from its tanker trucks and ISO containers.

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