Safety and Efficiency: Elevating Truck Platforms Provide Access to Multiple Hatches and Can Handle All Sizes of Vehicle Trailers

With the Sam Carbis & Carbis Australia Elevating Truck Platform and loading truck platform, Access to All Types of Vehicle Trailers Is a Breeze. We offers a wide range of configurations for elevating truck platforms. With safety and easy access always in mind, Sam Carbis & Carbis Australia provides platforms that can access multiple trailers and multiple hatches. Our elevating truck platforms can be integrated efficiently with existing systems, while always functioning as independent structures that don’t impose additional loads on structures already in operation. The many benefits of our elevating truck platform include:

  • a self-leveling gangway that can be operated pneumatically, hydraulically, or manually
  • a carriage that attaches the platform to a support column
  • counterweights that are concealed and protected inside a support tube
  • a complete handrail, 42 inches in height, a midrail, and toeboard enclosure
  • a padded lower edge that protects vehicles against damage
  • optional flip-up floor panels that provide complete access to the vehicle and stop spotting problems
Sam Carbis Solutions Group, LLC Elevating Truck Rack

  • a full floor that provides a flat surface for walking on top of a trailer
  • flip-up panels that limit access the truck areas immediately needed
  • slips and falls are minimized – no need for tie-off harnesses
  • easy integration with existing platform systems
  • no additional loads on current systems because of independent-structure design
  • a wide range of power options, including air, hydraulic, or electric.



  1. 1. Self-leveling gangway. Gangway can be pneumatically, hydraulically, or manually operated
  2. 2. Carriage attaches the platform to the support column
  3. 3. Counterweights are concealed and protected within support tube
  4. 4. Complete 42″ high handrail, midrail, and toeboard enclosure
  5. 5. Padded lower edge helps protect vehicle from damage
  6. 6. Platform has optional flip-up floor panels, allowing full access of the vehicle and eliminating spotting problems
Elevating Platform for Trucks
Late in 2010 Sam Carbis Solutions Group, LLC designed and manufactured an advanced loading system for a chocolate manufacturer in Amsterdam. The Elevating Tanker Access System has the same operating range as our Truck Enclosure but with the added capability to mirror the slope on tanker tops by lowering each end using pushbuttons on the platform control panel.
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Sam Carbis Solutions Group, LLC Maximizes Fall Protection for Chemical Institute
When large chemical firm were reviewing their existing loading infrastructure used to access multiple vehicle types, they realized that their safety equipment required an update. Using four elevated cage-style loading racks, operators found it difficult to access the multiple vehicle types processed daily in a safe and efficient manner. They called upon Sam Carbis Solutions Group, LLC..
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Truck Elevating Platforms and Loading Arms
Sam Carbis Solutions Group, LLC proposed designing a dual sided elevating truck access system. This is a vertically elevating platform with flip?up floor panels that allows operators to walk freely and safely on top of the tanker anywhere along it’s length. Sam Carbis Solutions Group, LLC further proposed a dual sided manifold arrangement, which gave simple yet effective liquid selection to the operators. The manifold is positioned at a higher level than the access platform to allow adequate drainage down to the tanker.
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