Wide Truck & Railcar Gangways from Sam Carbis Solutions Group, LLC Enhance Safety

Access gangways represent a critical part of any Fall Prevention Equipment inventory, and the Wide Gangways available from Sam Carbis and Carbis Australia offer even greater efficiency and safety when accessing trucks and rail cars. Wide Gangways offer the highest level of fall prevention for facility employees, and we can design Truck & Railcar Gangways to meet your unique specifications.


Wide Gangways provide a simple way to optimize and protect your loading/unloading environment. Because every facility is unique in some way, we can design and fabricate access gangways of varying widths ranging from 18 inches to the entire length of a vehicle.

Truck & Railcar Gangways from Sam Carbis and Carbis Australia help to:

  • Increase accessibility to any vehicle
  • Protect against the potential of mis-spotting
  • Ensure ease of use via choice of available power options

Rely on Sam Carbis Solutions Group, LLC to customize Fall Prevention Equipment solutions that fulfill your specific needs.


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