Safely access a wide variety of vehicles of different heights.

Implementing Folding Stairs from Sam Carbis and Carbis Australia will give your operators safe access to vehicles of all height configurations. These Fall Prevention stair systems give workers a level tread with each and every step. The design features a self-leveling tread capability that provides safe and rapid access to the tops of trucks or rail cars, no matter what their height. You can obtain Sam Carbis and Carbis Australia Folding Stairs for new platforms or to retrofit an existing structure. Utilizing Folding Stairs in your loading facility will also allow you to exceed regulatory Fall Prevention requirements.


Customize your folding stairs to fit your site and platform requirements.

Carbis Folding Stairs can be customized to meet the needs of your site and platform. Folding Stairs for Truck & Railcar Gangways feature numerous benefits, including:

  • Variations in width and length to meet your specific application
  • Available in aluminum, steel (galvanized, primed, mill, or painted), or stainless steel to meet your site’s environmental requirements. Non-sparking aluminum is standard.
  • 500 lb. capacity to meet your most demanding requirements
  • Padded lower edge helps prevent vehicle damage
  • Open serrated slip-resistant walk surface maximizes footing in all climates
  • Requires little maintenance and is repairable in the field
  • Can be mounted to operate as a fixed, pivoting, or track mounted gangway
  • Optional self-leveling safety cages, designed specifically for vehicle type, help improve safety
  • Covered by Sam Carbis Solutions Group, LLC’s 2 year warranty
  • Fully factory assembled and tested – can be uncrated, mounted and placed into service quickly
  • Standard unit comes with manual spring balance operation to raise and lower. Powered options available.

The Folding Stairs from Sam Carbis and Carbis Australia come standard with manual spring balance operation for raising and lowering, but power options are available. The units are covered by the Sam Carbis Solutions Group, LLC two-year warranty.

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