Custom Safety Cages from Carbis Provide Safe Access to Multiple Hatches and Vehicles

Let Carbis build custom safety cages to meet your unique needs.

Carbis is the world leader in the design and fabrication of Custom Safety Cages. We can provide the ultimate in fall prevention for your operators, no matter what size or shape of vehicle they must access. Carbis designs are tailored with consideration of your unique facility conditions, including space availability, site obstacles, or existing hoses, loading arms, pipes, tools, and other factors.

Carbis has more than 40 years of design experience in the fall prevention equipment industry. We can create Custom Safety Cages to fit any circumstance, regardless of whether your Rail Car Enclosures must totally surround the crash box, or whether you need moveable handrails to accommodate a variety of configurations. When a standard solution is inadequate, Carbis Custom Safety Cages present the right solution.

With Custom Safety Cages from Carbis, your facility will experience less downtime and greater throughput. After the installation of your custom Truck Enclosures or Rail Car Enclosures, your operators will perform their work safely and more rapidly as well, since the need to apply harnesses and tie-offs will be eliminated. Because the cage is connected directly to the access gangway, use of the enclosure is automatic and lowers along with the gangway, so operators receive automatic fall protection as well.
In short, the benefits of Carbis Custom Safety Cages include:
  • Increased throughput
  • Improved operator safety
  • Less downtime
  • Automatic protection

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