Provide non-permanent dock access.


Safely access a ship or barge from your dock.

Do you embark or disembark, ships, barges or tankers? Are you looking for a unit to carry on board so you are prepared for the next port of call? Do you need flexibility with the tide and variation in a ship’s empty and laden deck elevations? We understand each situation is unique – let Carbis help you choose what type of stage gangway will fit your needs and budget.

Our Straight Truss Gangways meet OSHA standards.

In your business time is money. Carbis can make sure your equipment safely provides the access you need – while keeping your operation up and running.

  • Stage gangways come in many shapes and sizes to fit your diverse needs
  • Rigid handrails provide a sturdy access from point A to point B, especially over longer distances or carrying a load
  • Rope handrail design can help keep weight down for higher portability
  • Curved tread models provide access to a wide variety of working angles for fall protection
  • Can be equipped with rollers on the dock side, allowing your gangway to conform with the ship’s movement
  • Optional slip resistant coating with angled cleats

Carbis’ gangways ensure fall prevention to keep your work force on the job and minimize downtime – ultimately leading to higher revenue.

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Helps Fortune 100 Grain Company Tap Into New Revenue Stream
The grain company chose to partner with Carbis, the world leader fall prevention solutions that specializes in customized bulk loading access equipment and turnkey systems for truck, rail, and marine applications. Carbis was chosen as it was able to provide the grain company with a custom-designed solution that met the budgetary requirements for the project.

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Helps Customer Make Way for the Mississippi
Cement manufacturer found itself in the position to relocate its barge loading facility, which included the moving of existing process pipe, the erection of a new pipe bridge, installing fall prevention equipment at all barge access points, and moving utilities from the existing facility to the new loading site.

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