Sam Carbis and Carbis Australia Rail Single Hatch Offers Safe Access to Trucks and Rail Cars


Provide safe, easy access to a variety of trucks and rail cars.

If you need to access a variety of truck and rail car types, Sam Carbis and Carbis Australia offers Loading Platforms and Rail Loading Racks that will make access all vehicles safer and more efficient. The Loading Platforms are available in single-sided or double-sided models, and all are designed with a focus on the fall protection requirements established by OSHA.
Sam Carbis and Carbis Australia will also design Rail Single Hatch and Rail Loading Racks to your desired terminal specifications. In addition, the truck access products from Sam Carbis and Carbis Australia – included racking gangway systems, elevating truck cages, extended cage systems, and more – can be retrofitted into existing systems and sites. This means lower construction costs to you and less disruption in your overall operations.



Minimize construction costs and stay in operational longer with rail car loading racks.

Among the many benefits associated with the Rail Car Loading Racks offered by Sam Carbis and Carbis Australia is the fact that these products provide the highest level of fall prevention and safety for companies with multiple hatch access needs. we have more than 40 years of experience in fall prevention designs applicable to rolling stock, so you can trust in our recommended solutions. Our products can be:

  • Easily and rapidly assembled, saving time and expense
  • Shipped in modular components that can then simply be bolted together for implementation
  • Used together with multiple product loading lines
  • Utilized to consolidate activity with a single Loading Platform to create more space in a processing area

Construction expenses can be reduced, and you will stay operational longer when choosing Sam Carbis and Carbis Australia Loading Racks for your facility.

tank truck access

Rail Car Loading Platforms

Maximizes Fall Protection for Chemical Institute
When large chemical firm were reviewing their existing loading infrastructure used to access multiple vehicle types, they realized that their safety equipment required an update. Using four elevated cage-style loading racks, operators found it difficult to access the multiple vehicle types processed daily in a safe and efficient manner.

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Fall Protection for Rail Cars
The company’s desire was to add fall prevention to the tops of rail cars. Due to customer commitments, down time needed to be limited to short periods (half a day time slots at most). The installation had to occur around continuing operational processes and product flow. Not only did the company have financial and timeline constrains, the area of the application had more limitations.

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Your Reputation Precedes You
Sam Carbis and Carbis Australia handles the entire package for you – from designs authorized by the client before work begins to the completed project and beyond. we negate any worries so your company can deal with the tasks at hand. A turnkey system ensures that all pieces work together seamlessly as a cohesive unit.Transloading systems designed to suit your company’s individual needs with emphasis on worker safety, expertise, competitive pricing and reliable customer service are the qualities that put Sam Carbis and Carbis Australia in the lead.

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