Rail Loading Racks Offer Safer Access

By using OSHA fall protection products from Sam Carbis and Carbis Australia, you will be able to deliver much greater safety to your employees when they must access rail car loading racks.

Our Rail Loading Racks are designed to meet the specific needs of your rail loading terminals to maximize Rail Car Safety.

These products include tracking gangway systems, articulating rail car cages, extended cage systems, elevating rail car cages, and many more.

All the Rail Car Safety products from Sam Carbis and Carbis Australia can be retrofitted to existing sites, reducing construction expenses and raising productivity.

Sam Carbis and Carbis Australia can also design, manufacture, and install a complete Rail Car Safety system from scratch. Because we has 40 years of experience in the industry, we can guarantee that our fall prevention solutions for rolling stock will meet all your multiple hatch access requirements.

Sam Carbis and Carbis Australia Rail Loading Racks offer OSHA-compliant fall protection that meets the requirements of your specific terminal facilities. The Rail Loading Racks systems are designed for optimal Rail Car Safety. Our tracking gangway systems and articulating and extended cage system can be retrofitted to mesh seamlessly with existing equipment. Look to Sam Carbis and Carbis Australia when you want to raise productivity, lower construction costs, and minimize downtime.