Buzzard from Sam Carbis Solutions Group, LLC Offers Fast and Safe Access to Trucks and Rail Cars

Buzzard System Effective in Meeting Transloading Requirements

All of your transloading needs can be met with the Buzzard dual vehicle access system from Sam Carbis & Carbis Australia. With this quality-engineered system, your operators can transfer products safely, and the system can be tailored to allow safe access to two different kinds of rolling stock at the same time. The Buzzard can accommodate motors, pumps, and hoses as well, ensuring that the system fulfills all of your requirements.

When in operation, the Buzzard is placed between two vehicles, deploying access gangways featuring fall prevention cages so workers can access the tops of the vehicles. Hoses are connected to the vehicles to permit the transfer of product between the two. If your company chiefly transloads product, or if you outsource transloading, the Buzzard from Sam Carbis & Carbis Australia represents an essential piece of your Tank Truck Safety Equipment.

Save money with our dual vehicle transloading access platform.

Using the Buzzard saves you money. The dual vehicle transloading access platform addresses the expensive and time-consuming process of outsourcing this job. The Buzzard eliminates the need to outsource product transfers that must be performed from one vehicle to another. The Buzzard offers a simple and safe way to transfer products quickly between vehicles, so if transloading is a critical part of your business, you will obtain greater throughput with the Buzzard, and you will see a safer work environment and higher revenues at the same time.

Maximizes Fall Protection for Chemical Institute
When large chemical firm were reviewing their existing loading infrastructure used to access multiple vehicle types, they realized that their safety equipment required an update. Using four elevated cage-style loading racks, operators found it difficult to access the multiple vehicle types processed daily in a safe and efficient manner.

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Transloading: The Answer to Isolated Product Sources
A national market leader in the Natural Gas Liquids (NGL) industry had product coming from wellheads in several locations throughout the U.S. That’s the good news. The challenge was that the customer needed a way to get the product onto rail cars when these wells were nowhere near railways. In addition, when transloading from the tank trucks to the rail cars, it was imperative they get every drop of product in order to maximize revenue.

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Your Reputation Precedes You
Sam Carbis and Carbis Australia handles the entire package for you – from designs authorized by the client before work begins to the completed project and beyond. we negate any worries so your company can deal with the tasks at hand. A turnkey system ensures that all pieces work together seamlessly as a cohesive unit. Transloading systems designed to suit your company’s individual needs with emphasis on worker safety, expertise, competitive pricing and reliable customer service are the qualities that put Sam Carbis and Carbis Australia in the lead.

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