Portable Platforms from Sam Carbis and Carbis Australia Address Fall Prevention Equipment Needs
When workers at your loading/unloading facility require safe access to the tops of trucks and rail cars of many types, it is easy to add a Carbis Portable Platform to your Fall Prevention Equipment to maximize the safety of the work environment for your personnel.

Fall Prevention Equipment from Sam Carbis & Carbis Australia Features Portable Platforms
If you find that your operators are accessing the tops of trucks and rail cars by climbing up ladders, your next move will be finding a safer and better way for them to perform their jobs. We can recommend the appropriate Loading Platform to best meet your needs. The Portable Loading Platforms designed by Sam Carbis & Carbis Australia are often the optimal solution. These platforms allow operators to gain safe access to the tops of vehicles of many types without requiring a fixed platform – or a ladder. Portable platforms can also help your personnel when they need to open multiple hatches or conduct inspections of various kinds.