Warning Lights from Carbis Protect Equipment from Accidental Drive-Offs


Easy-To-See Warning Lights from Carbis Alert Drivers to Potential Trouble

Your drivers will receive highly visible alerts from Carbis warning light systems, helping them to avoid premature drive-offs. Warning lights can also be added to all fall prevention systems as well, alerting drivers when equipment is not in the stored position before they drive away. Warning lights and beacons represent an important element in the protection of costly Loading Racks.

One of the major benefits of Carbis warning lights is that they offer a simple, yet highly effective way to alert your drivers when equipment is not ready for a drive off. Warning lights can:
  • Enhance fall prevention
  • Protect expensive equipment from damage
  • Ensure that equipment is in the stored position before drivers move away
  • Prevent losses in time and money that arise from accidental drive-offs
Flatbed Fall Protection Solution
Gerdau Ameristeel in Petersburg, Virginia called about flatbed fall protection. Their truck drivers were putting themselves at risk while tying down their loads and potentially getting hurt. They had no way to access the flatbed other than climbing up on them which was extremely unsafe.

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