Try our bottom loading arms for chemical bulk loading and unloading.

See why our bottom loading arms offer numerous benefits over conventional top loading.

  • The safety of the loading arm operator is the prime advantage since they remain on the ground – not on top of the vehicle where falls are a common threat
  • Connections are made more quickly so overall loading time is reduced
  • Bottom loading systems create less turbulence in the tank, reducing the danger of generating static electricity
  • Bottom loading systems can be easily adapted to fully recover vapors displaced during loading
  • Terminal tank truck bottom loading means tanks can be filled faster because a number of compartments can be loaded simultaneously
  • Bottom loading islands are simpler and cheaper to build than top loading racks. You can realize more savings because you’ll safely load more material in a shorter time with less spillage and vapor loss.
  • Techno Loading Arms offer a complete line of equipment for efficiently loading and unloading petroleum products, chemicals, liquefied gases, and food products
Top loading arms offer the easiest level of operation.
  • A variety of swivel joints provide flexibility and leak free operations
  • Product compatibility with metals and seals
  • Strong swivel/spring capacity allows longer arm reach
  • Unparalleled range of motion (over 95 degree working range) means we reach more openings
  • Spring can be adjusted in any position
Unsupported Boom Type Bottom Loader

Designed to provide flexible long-range operation, this heavy-duty configuration is both reliable and easy to use. A minimum of five swivel planes of rotation offer complete flexibility in making tight connections for loading and unloading rail cars and tank trucks, and servicing aviation refuelers. The outboard swivel and arm adjusts for any changes in elevation or tilting that may result as the vehicle is loaded or unloaded.
The unsupported boom type loader is extremely versatile and many variations are possible. It can be equipped with dry disconnect coupler, union, quick coupling, or other customer specified end fitting to make connections on the side, at the rear, or underneath the vehicle. The intermediate swivel is often inverted to achieve the low profile and clearances needed to connect to the underside of a rail car.

Typically installed at or near ground level, arms of varying lengths can be mounted on staggered risers to achieve crossover and neat compact storage of multiple arms in a confined space.


  • Easy to operate/maneuver
  • Accommodates changes in elevation
  • Can be safely stored to provide for safe clearance of vehicles
  • Easy to connect under the vehicle
  • Very flexible to compensate for vehicle misplacement
  • Scissor-back storage means no wasted space
A” Frame Loader

The “A” frame is one of the more popular loading arm configurations. It provides good flexibility, long reach, and is convenient and easy to use. It adjusts for any changes in the elevation or tilting of the vehicle during loading or unloading. The arm stores neatly in the upright, near vertical position allowing it to swing around easily for loading from either side of the island.

The “A”-frame’s compact storage envelope also allows these arms to be installed relatively close together, often on risers that are approximately the same height as the vehicle connection. They can also be mounted next to one another on staggered risers to achieve arm crossover for simultaneous loading of multiple compartment trucks.

Commonly used for tank truck bottom loading, “A”-frame arms can also be used in top loading and unloading installations. They are generally equipped with a dry disconnect coupling, union, or other tight-fill fitting. Inlet flange and seamless piping are suitable for handling liquefied petroleum gases, including propane and butane.


  • Easily stored away from vehicles
  • For multiple product applications, it can be mounted close to another arm
  • Can be safely stored to provide for safe clearance of vehicles
  • Crossover can easily be achieved
“A” Frame Hose Loader

This spring balanced hose loader offers the same advantages as the conventional “A”-frame arm except flexible hose is used instead of rigid piping on the secondary arm.

Mounting heights for this style arm are shorter than those required for other hose loaders. This arm can be staggered to achieve crossover and conformance to the API envelope requirements. “A”-frame hose loaders are normally stored in an upright, near vertical position making it possible to load from both sides of the island.

In addition to bottom loading, the “A”-framehose loader is often used as a vapor arm in fuel terminals and can be adapted for use in top loading and unloading applications. Minimum recommended drop hose length is approximately 60”.


  • Use as a vapor arm
  • Easily stored away from vehicles
  • For multiple product applications it can be mounted close to another arm
  • Can be safely stored to provide for safe clearance of vehicles
  • Crossover can easily be achieved
Counterweighted Hose Loader

Installation and operation is simple and efficient with Techno Loading Arms hose loaders. Adjustable counterweights mounted on a pair of horizontal rails are simply moved until the desired balance point is located. This design provides for efficient handling and coupling to the tank adaptors.

This popular hose loader features a flange-by-flange base swivel joint for reliable performance and ease of maintenance. A heavy-duty Endura™ split flange base swivel joint is standard on 4” arms. Construction is carbon steel with a drop hose for maximum flexibility and easy handling. Composite hose (standard) and stainless steel hoses are available. Outboard swivel joint, spacer spool, and API coupler are aluminum on the standard model.
Standard horizontal reach is 114” to fully cover the API RP-1004 bottom loading envelope with up to four loading arms spaced 18” apart. Each loader should be mounted successively higher; 16” stagger is recommended to provide maximum crossover capability for efficient simultaneous compartment loading.

Optional reaches of 66”, 78”, 90”, and 102” are also available, but full coverage of the API envelope may require moving the truck. Minimum recommended drop hose length is approximately 60”.


  • Easily meets envelope requirements
  • Counter balance adjustment is smooth and easy
  • Multiple compartment loading capability saves time
  • Simple rugged construction

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