Keep Your Feet on the Ground

Cover Your Flatbed Loads With Ease — Provide Flatbed Fall Protection

Protecting a flatbed load is not as important as protecting your drivers and at Carbis we understand that. That’s why we provide so many options for safety.

While covering a flatbed load a driver may prefer to be above ground to have a better viewpoint. For those who don’t want or need to be above the flatbed, an overhead tarping system from Carbis is probably the safest option there is since it doesn’t require you to climb.


An overhead tarping system can be added to an existing structure or our engineers will design a freestanding unit for your company. It’s easy to use and requires only one operator for its handheld controls. You’ll be surprised at the ease and safety of using an overhead tarping system.

Overhead Tarping System PDF
Keep your workplace safe for drivers tarping their loads — keep them on the ground!

Save Time, Save Money, Save Lives

  • Easy to use.
  • Attaches to an existing structure or can be designed as a freestanding unit.
  • Spreader bar system and handheld controls allow you to guide the tarp over the length of the flatbed.
Flatbed Fall Protection Solution
Gerdau Ameristeel in Petersburg, Virginia called about flatbed fall protection. Their truck drivers were putting themselves at risk while tying down their loads and potentially getting hurt. They had no way to access the flatbed other than climbing up on them which was extremely unsafe.

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