Samuel Carbis and Carbis Australia are exclusively dedicated to designing, building and installing the equipment and structures that assure safe access and fall prevention for workers around the world. As a result, we are the global leader in customized bulk loading access equipment and turnkey systems for truck, rail, and marine applications across all industries.

Today we are proud to include thousands of businesses and institutions on our customer list, including most Fortune 1000 manufacturing companies. We are routinely relied upon to conduct safety audits for our customers and asked to serve in a unique consulting role. Our 45+ employee engineering department calls on the industry’s largest library of proven access and loading products and systems to custom-engineer the most practical, reliable, economical and productive solution for you.

We are also proud members of VPPPA and active on many industry standard-setting groups. This involvement is your assurance that we are always on top of best practices and all compliance requirements of OSHA, ANSI, MSHA, UBC, SBC, and others.

More experience. More knowledge. More resources. More proven solutions to a vast number of safe access challenges. It’s all at your service and just a Phone call or Email away.

The right solutions that work

The right solutions that work: Sam CARBIS Solutions Group, LLC and Carbis Australia is the world leader in building customized bulk loading access equipment and structural steel components. Many of the systems considered standard in the bulk loading industry were developed by Carbis engineers, for customers such as you! We guarantee the systems we provide will work to your satisfaction.

On-site support

Carbis Australia and Sam CARBIS Solutions Group, LLC is the industry leader in field support; engineering, sales, and service are all just a phone call away. Need a site visit to explore your options? No problem… a sales representative will come to your location and help you pick the equipment that is right for your situation.

Answers to your questions

Carbis Australia with Sam CARBIS Solutions Group, LLC has sales associates available when you need them. Have engineering questions about a job? Your sales associate will coordinate any project questions you may have with a member of our large, 45+ employee, engineering department who will be happy to answer your questions.